🚀 - MastoGem : a Mastodon proxy for Gemini

MastoGem : a Mastodon proxy for Gemini

Build from sources

$ make

All builds are in the `build` folder.

Generate key and certificate

TLS is mandatory with Gemini, a self-signed certificate is recommended. You must generate a key first:

$ openssl genrsa -out key.rsa 4096

Then, you must generate the certificate (replace localhost with your domain name):

$ openssl req -x509 -key key.rsa -out cert.pem -days 365 -subj "/CN=localhost"


You have an example of config file in `config.json`, the program only accepts json files.

Run this program

You should provide the `MASTOGEM_CONFIG_PATH` environment variable when launching the program, if it was not provided or it was empty, default config will be loaded.

To run the program simply run the executable file corresponding to your architecture in the `build` folder. Make sure the certificate and the key where generated before.

Run with Docker

You could use docker or docker-compose to run this program, you must set a `MASTODON_BASE_URL` variable corresponding to the URL to your Mastodon instance (without the tailing slash), you also must bind a certificate (`/cert.pem`) and a key (`/key.rsa`).

You can set a `TITLE` and a `HOME_MESSAGE` variables.


sudo docker run	-it \
		-p 1965:1965 \
		-e MASTODON_BASE_URL=https://mamot.fr \
		--mount type=bind,source=$(pwd)/certs/cert.pem,destination=/cert.pem \
		--mount type=bind,source=$(pwd)/certs/key.rsa,destination=/key.rsa \ 


sudo docker-compose up -d


You contributions are welcomed, you can send me an email (romain.delaage@rdelaage.ovh).

*This program is under AGLPv3 License*